DataCore Software-Defined Storage Receives Numerous Industry Honors!

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Growing List of DataCore Awards Includes Virtualization and Cloud Review Editor’s Choice Award and 2017 SVC Awards’ Storage Project of the Year.

DataCore today announced that its SANsymphony™ software-defined storage platform has received a number of notable industry awards including the Virtualization and Cloud Review Editor’s Choice Award. This marks DataCore’s third consecutive editor’s choice award from the publication. SANsymphony software-defined storage was also recently awarded the Storage Project of the Year at the 2017 SVC Awards in honor of its five year install at Grundon Recycling, the UK’s largest recycling company.

Following the two industry awards, DataCore recently received the highest rating for a software-defined storage offering in an independent evaluation by WhatMatrix. In a comparison of nearly 100 rated criteria, DataCore’s new capabilities for meeting the always-on business needs of its customers set the company apart to elevate it to the number one software-defined storage offering. The independent, third-party evaluation featured an in-depth technical evaluation of nearly 20 offerings in the SDS/HCI market from vendors including Cisco, DataCore, Dell/EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware.

DataCore’s latest release of SANsymphony software-defined storage provides responsive, reliable and seamless access to data, automatically, anywhere it is needed. New features include multi-way and metro mirroring functionality to enhance continuous availability and scale-out resiliency, providing self-healing capabilities to enable non-stop business operations and data access. Customers can lose one system and maintain high-performance and high-availability redundancy, or can lose two systems and still continue operations. This translates into significant cost savings by improving application uptime and lowering the time needed to do restores. It also helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by cost-effectively meeting today’s more demanding performance, uptime and data locality requirements.

Featuring a rich set of automated data storage services and unmatched performance driven by Adaptive Parallel I/O technology, DataCore enables better business outcomes through software-defined flexibility and freedom of choice. This includes infrastructure-wide management from a single console, and a robust, hardware-agnostic solution that can be deployed in multiple different configurations to best serve customer use cases (hyperconverged, hybrid-converged, cloud, converged server SAN and storage virtualization).

DataCore is easily adaptable as the environment grows, works with any storage hardware that is already deployed, and future-proofs investments as new storage technologies are introduced and cloud adoption continues to grow. DataCore’s software-defined storage technology, proven in thousands of diverse real-world customer sites, makes it easy for companies to address change, manage a range of deployment choices, and add new and future technologies such as flash, NVMe, cloud, and more – without disruption to business applications.

You can find more information about SANsymphony™ of DatCore here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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Ipswitch reminds – GDPR becomes enforceable since 25th May 2018

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Ipswitch, the world leader in the field of secure data transfer and network monitoring, presented a list of 7 principles of personal data processing that will come into force on May 28, 2018 together with GDPR. "Magnificent Seven" aims to provide key rights to the individual in a huge machine for collecting and processing personal data. The published comparison shows that MOVEit Managed File Transfer meets all EU GDPR rules.

“Many changes are coming under GPDR, and as the date of enforcement draws near, we want all businesses involved in the internal or external sharing of information that might contain the personal data of EU residents to be ready” - said Kevin Conklin, Vice President of Product Marketing and Content at Ipswitch. “Ipswitch has been leading the industry in providing educational resources to ensure customer compliance including this informative infographic.”

The seven data protection principles outlined in the infographic include fair, lawful and transparent processing, data security, accuracy, accountability, purpose limitation, data minimization and retention periods. Ipswitch urges businesses to ensure their managed data transfer solution includes non-repudiation to validate that personal data is transferred only between authorized senders and receivers, encryption of personal data in transit and at rest, automatic file integrity checking, comprehensive analytics that provide required insight to ensure compliance and more.

The lowest risk, most cost-effective way to meet all seven GDPR data protection principles is a managed data transfer solution like Ipswitch MOVEit® secure file transfer. MOVEit integrates secure data transfer with centralized workflows, access control and audit logging. The result is fewer moving parts, which translates into lower risk to personal data and less time and money spent on managing and supporting data transfer processing activities.

See the infographic here.

Find more information about GDPR, prepared by Ipswitch here.

You can find more information about MOVEit of Ipswitch here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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Future-Proof Your Data Center with a Flexible Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

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Get the Best of Both Worlds: Expand Legacy Investments with a Software-Defined Approach

A simplified, more flexible, expandable data center is a good thing. As a result, many IT organizations are looking at hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) to enhance the traditional data center and facilitate digital transformation initiatives.

A HCI offers the following advantages:
  • Rapid, flexible deployment that lets you leverage existing data center investment
  • Scalability, with no impact to performance and reliability 
  • An integrated, open, software-centric approach that simplifies resource management
  • Overall cost benefits plus faster time to value for new business requirements
Not all HCIs are created equal. Some can create a new storage silo, requiring separate management from legacy infrastructure and limiting your ability to easily move data among storage tiers.

At DataCoreTM, we enable you to deploy a flexible, open hyper-converged infrastructure without compromise. Learn how we do it. Read the white paper now.

More information about DataCore available here.

15 min live DEMO available here.

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